An Invitation:

If you find yourself in agreement with what we represent, then rest assured you are not alone, and all of us at the Inland Northwest Freethought Society cordially invite you to visit at one of our meetings or events. We are a friendly group and  would love to have you join us to get acquainted!

Meeting dates, locations, and start times vary from month to month.  Please see the calendar on the Home page. If you have questions about INFS meetings or activities, please send inquiries to  or contact .

Membership Dues:

The Inland Northwest Freethought Society collects no membership dues and charges no fees.  As an official chapter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, (FFRF) we do require that our voting members be members in good-standing with the national FFRF.  If you are interested, please download our INFS Bylaws (PDF).  Membership in FFRF,  which includes a monthly mailed subscription to FFRF's newspaper FreeThought Todaycan be found here:  (  

If you'd like a complimentary copy of FreeThought Today, just come to a meeting or event.