About Us

Ever feel like you're alone in a sea of superstition and pompous religiosity? 

If so, then perhaps we're the organization you've been looking for.

We are the Inland Northwest Freethought Society, an local chapter/affiliate of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) for Spokane, Coeur d'Alene and vicinity. FFRF has a two-part mission statement:

  • to espouse the principle of separation of church and state, and
  • to create awareness of non-theistic viewpoints.

We unreservedly support these twin objectives. Locally, our purpose is primarily social. Most of our recent new members have expressed a genuine gratitude in just knowing such a group exists in our area where they can meet, discuss current events, and occasionally engage in some good-natured humor at the expense of religion and superstition, without the usual polite societal constraints. We welcome like-minded guests and visitors to join us for any event, activity or meeting. Just send us an email to:  info@infreethought.org. 

We try to meet every month, year-round, usually on a Sunday afternoon. A typical meeting will consist of an hour for a luncheon/social time (meal purchase is entirely optional) followed by another hour or so dedicated to focused discussion, informal debate, or a speaker with a short presentation. In February, we hold our annual Darwin Day celebration. In June or July, you might find us picnicking on the beautiful grounds of our favorite local winery or enjoying an ice cream social. The past two years, we've held a joint "June Meet-Up" with the Missoula Area Secular Society -- in Wallace, Idaho. Some years we have hosted a booth at the various local fairs: The Garland Street Fair and the KYRS MarmotFest in July, the Kootenai County Fair (North Idaho Fair) in August, or the Spokane County Fair in September. In short, think of INFS as a setting for sharing your non-faith and joining in the company of other freethinkers. 

Quick Facts

  • We have been around, in some form, since 1992, and attained FFRF chapter status in 1993
  • We are comprised of nearly 80 members. The majority of members reside in the Spokane - Coeur d' Alene area, but we have members who also live in Chelan, Kettle Falls, Moscow/Pullman, Spirit Lake, Sandpoint, and elsewhere.

Our Goals

  • Keeping a firm, tall, and wide wall separating church and state.
  • Promoting critical thinking and atheism as a worthwhile and wholesome point-of-view within our local communities and beyond.
  • Promoting science literacy.
  • Coordinating efforts with groups who have similar goals.
  • Supporting projects that enhance human dignity and espouse reason over superstition.